Past Projects

REU 2023 (click)
  • Malone Hemsley. The Rover Project. Faculty advisor: Dan Goldman. Mentors: Daniel Soto and Dr. Deniz Kerimoglu.
  • Ben Sherwin. Characterizing the First Galaxies with Machine Learning. Faculty advisor: John Wise. Mentors: Snigdaa Sethuram, Corey Brummel-Smith.
  • Shanen Arelleno. Bacterial Growth Dynamics at Fluid-Granular Interfaces. Faculty advisor: Peter Yunker. Graduate mentor: Raymond Copeland.
  • Mariela Lopez Gonzalez. The Role of Hyaluronan Glycocalyx in Early Cell Adhesion. Faculty advisor: Jennifer Curtis. Graduate mentor: Thomas Li.
  • Marygrace Fagan. Characterizing PTCDA Growth on Graphene. Faculty advisor: Claire Berger. Graduate mentor: Noel Dudeck.
  • Ali White. Bioinspired Wing Design Tested in Real Life Conditions. Faculty advisor: Simon Sponberg. Graduate mentor: Ellen Liu.
  • Dessie Durham. Interplay Between Proliferation and Depletion Aggregation in P. aeruginosa. Faculty advisor: Jennifer Curtis. Graduate mentor: Rob Edmiston.
  • Gabriella Rizza. Census of Galaxies in the LISA Error Volume from Cosmological Simulations. Faculty advisor: Tamara Bogdanovic.
  • Annie Cloonan. Pigmentation Pattern Recreation in Reaction-Diffusion Systems using Realistic Bounds. Faculty advisor: Flavio Fenton.
  • Noah ‘Eden’ Schapera. Characterization of Silicon Photomultipliers for the Trinity Demonstrator Observatory. Faculty advisor: Nepomuk Otte. Graduate mentor: .
  • Aaron Robinson. Magneto-hydrodynamically Pumped Liquid Metal Loops for SmallSat Thermal Control. Faculty advisor: Alvaro Romero-Calvo. Graduate mentor:.
  • John Lê. Optimization of Tip Etching for Scanning Probe Microscopies of Semiconductor Superlattices. Faculty advisor: Phil First/Zhigang Jiang. Graduate mentors: Alisha Vira, Harshavardhan Murali.
  • Anya E. Johnson. Crystal Growth of the Candidate Quantum Spin-Nematic LiCuVO4 for Advanced Thermo-magnetic and Scattering Measurements. Faculty mentor: Martin Mourigal. Graduate mentor: Olivia M. Vilella.
REU 2022
  • Mishael Saah. Minimizing Heat Exposure on Ultracold Atoms via a Voltage Driven Laser Shutter System. Faculty advisor: Colin Parker. Graduate mentor: Kaiyue Wang.
  • Andie Manning. Hydrodynamic coupling of passive flagella. Faculty advisor: Daniel Goldman. Graduate mentor: Kelimar Cruz (and an REU 2016 alum!).
  • Brendan D’Aquino. Studying Turing patterns in vegetation. Faculty advisor: Flavio Fenton.
  • Christian ‘CJ’ Faulhaber. Dynamics Of Black Hole Binaries in the Active Galactic Nuclei Disk. Faculty advisor: Gongjie Li.
  • Caleb Hatch. A Novel Approach to the Fabrication of Environmentally Protected Epigraphene Heterostructures. Faculty advisor: Claire Berger. Graduate mentor: Grant Nunn.
  • Amethyst Massaquoi. The Effects of Extracellular Polymeric Substances on Biofilm Removal. Faculty advisor: Peter Yunker. Graduate mentor: Pablo Bravo.
  • Daniel Fairfax. Measuring Warm Corona Properties in a Sample of Active Galactic Nuclei. Faculty advisor: David Ballantyne.
  • Grant Mayberry. Understanding Current Distribution in Layered Graphene Structures. Faculty advisor: Zhigang Jiang. Graduate mentor: Kaiyue Wang.
  • Joshua ‘Jay’ Graves. Testing the Reconstruction of White-Noise Bursts and Gravitational Wave Emission from Binary Black Hole Hyperbolic Encounters with the BayesWave Algorithm. Faculty advisor: Laura Cadonati. Graduate mentor: Peter Lott (and an REU 2016 alum!).
  • Katlyn Grimes. The Exploration of Thulium Halides and Oxyhalides as Strongly Fluctuating Quantum Magnets. Faculty advisor: Martin Mourigal. Graduate mentor: Olivia Vilella.
  • Paul Alex Baynard. Reducing Template Bank Size for Time Optimization of a Joint Neutrino-Gravitational Wave Search. Faculty advisor: Laura Cadonati. Graduate mentor: Hannah Griggs.
REU 2021
  • Julianne Tijani. Mechanical Changes within Intact Biofilms Due to Varying Amounts of EPS. Faculty Advisor: Peter Yunker.
  • Viviana Caceres-Barbosa. PyNu: A Search for Gravitational-Wave and Neutrino Coincident Events in the Era of Multi-Messenger Astrophysics. Faculty Advisor: Laura Cadonati. Graduate Mentor: Hannah Griggs.
  • Alexander Alston. Testing the Accuracy of Bose-Einstein Condensate Simulations. Faculty Advisor: Chandra Raman. Graduate Mentor: Sara Sloman (former REU 2019!)
REU 2019
  • Brian Bozymski. Impact of Hyaluronan Glycocalyx on Single-Cell Migration. Faculty Advisor: Jennifer Curtis
  • Megan Sousa. The Spatial Distribution of the Pseudomonas aeruginosa Biofilm Matrix and its Interactions with Bacteriophages. Faculty Advisor: Jennifer Curtis.
  • Malcolm Brown. The Analysis of Scolopendra Polymorpha Centipede’s Methods of Locomotion. Faculty Advisor: Daniel Goldman.
  • Abdul Kaba. Sidewinder Locomotion. Faculty Mentor: Daniel Goldman
  • Daniel Germain. Cardiac Chaos. Faculty Advisor: Flavio Fenton
  • Pryor Gibson. Janssen’s Experiment with Solenopsis invictae (Fire Ants). Faculty Advisor: Alberto Fernandez- Nieves. Graduate Mentor: Caleb Anderson
  • Camila Dominguez. Relativistic Interpretation of Multi-Body Interaction Mediated by Elastic Substrate. Faculty Advisor: Daniel Goldman.
  • Tremond Thomas. Evolution of Multicellularity – up to here. Faculty Advisor: Peter Yunker.
  • Matthew Dittrich. Construction of Magnetic Coils for MOT. Faculty Advisor: Colin Parker.
  • Sara Sloman. Energy Radiated per Mode Versus Varying Initial Parameters from Binary Black Hole Mergers. Faculty Advisor: Deirdre Shoemaker.
  • Larine Mbabit. Characterization of high efficiency and blue sensitive silicon photomultipliers for Cherenkov telescopes. Faculty Advisor: Nepomuk Otte.
  • Mikai Hulse. Laser Stabilization for Atomic Trapping via Electro-Optic Modulation. Faculty Advisor: Michael Chapman.